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5 Stars

Renal Cell Carcinoma! Years ago, Dr. Josh Griffin performed a partial nephrectomy on my right kidney to remove a malignant tumor. They say he did with a robot. I don't know, I was out during entire surgery. He has since moved his practice to Oxford. I have seen the scars on my kidney from years ago. Folks, I feel there is no money or power that can buy a better surgeon than Dr. Griffin. My right kidney is functioning well and I'm still hanging around. Unfortunately, I have Cigna insurance. Cigna is the soul reason I have found other options. I feel folks who work at Cigna never go to doctor or have surgery. It is a sad process to go through with Cigna at a time when you need insurance, not excuses. Believe me, Cigna can come up with countless excuses and delays. I know Cigna does NOT put the patient's interest or health first. Any concerns about what your Doctor has to say is second to what the Cigna "Panel" has to say. I never saw the Cigna "Panel" but I sure felt it late at night. When denied by The Cigna Panel, my Appeal Panel was a nurse. What's the chances the appeal-panel nurse sits next to The Panel? I said all that because I feel Dr. Griffin is far above the level of "routine". Fortunately, Dr. Griffin understands the hassles Cigna will throw out there and his only concern is what is best for patient. Until I get worthy insurance, I'll have to settle for other options. Thank you Dr. Griffin. You are the best.
5 Stars

(I tried to send a similar message to this on 1/15/2020, but was unsure if you received it due to AT & T internet problems on my end. If you did receive it, then you will know I haven' t changed my mind since yesterday. ) On 1/13/2020, my wife, Martha Delaine Bailey, was a patient of Dr. Brent Hardin for a procedure at Baptist North MS. It had taken a few days to get it scheduled due to holidays and Dr. Hardin's busy schedule. When he entered the room, after greeting us, he began to apologize about the delay in scheduling. After the procedure was over, he came to the room to explain the results of the exam.( In words I could understand, I might add. ) In my 70 years, I have never had a doctor treat me with any more kindness ( and only a few to even come close ) than Dr. Hardin did. This man, in addition to being a Great physician, is a Gentleman and a Lover of people. Thank you Dr. Hardin for being what you are.

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